The Forth

Hey friends!  How was your Forth?  Kind of weird being in the middle of the week, right?  I ran the Peachtree run downtown.  I am so proud that I ran the entire thing though I haven’t been running in forever!  I wish I would have been able to enjoy this guy at some point yesterday, but there is always this weekend!

xoxo ME

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2 Responses to The Forth

  1. John G. says:

    Congratulations on the race! We used to have a ‘trifecta’ in Boston – they had an 8:00 AM 5K race, a 1:00 5K race and then a 5:00 5K race in three different towns. If you ran all three you got the 3 t-shirts from each race and then one t-shirt for running all three. Sadly, I never did all 3, I did run 2 one year.

    • O That’s sounds really cool!! It is a hot time of year to be running, but it sure was fun seeing the crowd and people dressed up.. Hope y’all had a great one!!!
      Tell Cathy hello 🙂

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