A Southern Girls Shutter Rules

I grew up in Beaufort, SC and have lived in the South my entire life.  My background shaped who I am and created the foundations for my design style.  Shutters are no stranger to the South.  We are serious about them!  For this reason, I wanted to share a few guidelines about proper Shuttering 🙂

1.  Shutters Must Be Hinged.  The whole point of shutters was privacy, protection and light control.  In order to accomplish all of those things, they must be hinged so they could close.  Shutters that aren’t hinged can look flat and don’t accomplish full design potential.

2.  Shutters Must Be To Scale.  If you have shutters flanking a double window, the shutters need to be large enough to cover both windows when closed.  They act aesthetically as frames for your window, so they need to be the right size.  It’s like have a curtain that doesn’t actually cover the entire window when closed, make sense?

3.  Shutter Shape & Style Should Match The Design of Your Home.  If you home is southern, do southern style shutters.  If you home is Mediterranean, make sure the shutters are too.

4.  Shutters Must Have Dimension.  Flat shutters will not allow you to achieve the look you are craving.

Finally, Shutters are simple, fresh way to update your home.  If your shutters are breaking the “rules,” don’t worry.  This is an easy fix and I promise you will be thrilled with the result.

xoxo ME

Art Gallery Addition traditional entry

HDA Project 907 traditional patio

Custom Crafted Architectural Decorative Window Shutters mediterranean exterior
Pawleys Island Residence traditional porch

Courtyard Wall tropical exterior

Doni Flanigan Interior Design Artist traditional exterior

david phillips : drp k-03 traditional exterior

Menlo Oaks Residence traditional exterior

Robbins Garden tropical landscape

Exterior traditional exterior

Andy Bayliss traditional exterior
Photos Sourced via Houzz

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2 Responses to A Southern Girls Shutter Rules

  1. John G. says:

    Great points! Cathy and I had the options of shutters for our new house and they would have been to scale (our builder will not put on any other kind) the cost to have them hinged was just crazy so we decided to go without them. Sometimes, not having shutters can look just as good as having them, especially if the whole neighborhood has the ones that ‘break the rules’ and your house doesn’t have any…Love your blogs…

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